Stephen Perry


Hello and welcome!

My name is Stephen Perry (he/they), and I am currently a queer graduate student in the University of Pittsburgh Philosophy PhD program. I got my BS/BA in Philosophy and Mathematics from the University of Kentucky in Spring 2021 and started at Pitt that fall!

My general interests center around three main questions: How does mathematics help us to navigate the world around us? How can we better study marginalized philosophers and thinkers with the aim of addressing current structural injustice in academia? And how can I queer everything (but mainly PhilMath and PhilSci)?

(Pictured: me before leaving Kentucky to go to Grad School aka the Happy Days)

As a queer person, I try to involve myself in the surging intersectional queer liberation movement, and would love to talk about it with anyone who knows more, less, or similarly involved. It would be great to get involved with and/or build a network of people, especially in academia, devoted to doing this sort of work alongside (and sometimes infused in) research. I try to, when appropriate, infuse my work with my intersectional politics and practice social justice where I can. 


I love to hike and spend time in nature especially the forests (I'm less so a beach/coastal person), and I also may or may not be a bit of a ~bird nerd~


I absolutely adore pokemon, and Umbreon is the best, full stop, closely followed by Bu;basaur and Suicune. You may click the red "x" if you disagree

Drawing/Painting/Yarn Arts

Although I'm definitely not great at it, I love making things. I have been known to draw fantastical creatures, paint (very bad) landscapes, and crochet stuffed animals.